The Cactus Diaries


The Cactus Diaries

April 11th - April 25th

The Storefront Project

70 Orchard St, New York City

Set up of the photos taken by artist Justin Aversano in NYC gallery The Storefront Project

“The Cactus Diaries” is Justin Aversano’s exploration into the Andean ceremonial culture of the healing properties of Huachuma between 2016 - 2018. The cactus is legend to be a heart-opening tool, used in sacred ceremonies with shamans, to connect deeper with oneself, nature, people, and all living things.

The medicine is an emotional psychedelic known as mescaline, although its major usage in this traditional culture is for healing the soul and enrichen one’s path through understanding, acceptance, and forgiveness. The mystic powers that the plant holds is older than we may know.

This series expresses that there is a dynamic parallel, between science, spirit, and alchemy, when photographing & printing shamanic experiences; by using alternative photography as a tool to express the psychedelic and spirituality of the mystical plant medicine.