August 7th, 2018 - Present

For “Smoke and Mirrors” I am photographing 78 sets of astrologers, psychics, tarot readers, and other forms of mystics from all around the world. Each subject represents a unique tarot card as I am creating a body of work focused on the existence of clairvoyance and mysticism through an immersive portrait survey and tarot readings. Psychics and mystics provide a lens on the existence of magic and transcending temporality. In the proverb of storytelling, psychics, astrologers, et al. have an assigned position as the all-knowing gypsy with profound visions, within all concurrent and historical cultures—a charged spirit of the ethereal that encompasses destiny, luck, and faith. Mysticism has a deep root in shared folklore, its’ visuals conjure metaphysical manifestations across the astrological, mythological, academic and the popular denouement, stringing together tangents of one’s everyday reality with cosmic synchronicity. By using three formats of film Polaroid, 35mm, and 4x5, I will be converting the photographs into colorful silk screen paintings. The technical focus is the combination of the elements of the real (photographic) with the surreal (painting), and by reproducing the portraits through these printing processes, I can facilitate a broad and reflexive mixed-media dialogue that discerns these characters, their powers, and the significance of their presence in this natural world, so that together, we may raise the vibration of consciousness.

  1. Queen of Swords

Angel Eyedealism - Astrologer - Green Tourmaline

2. Temperance

Peter Hornung - Energy Healer - Garnet

3. The Emperor

Nancy Arann - Past-life Regression Therapist - Ruby

4. The Hierophant

Amanda Salane - Astrologer & Tarot Reader - Herkimer Diamond

5. The Tower

Alexandra Janelli - Hypnotist - Titanium Quartz

6. Three of Cups

Lauren Robertson, Christian Viera, and Emerald - Crystal healers - Watermelon Tourmaline

7. The Hermit

Kevin Pelrine - Tarot Reader - Peridot

8. Two of Swords

Sean Dunne and Cass Greener - Filmmakers & Psychonauts - Rutliated Quartz

9. The Empress

Nicole Buffett - Artist - Emerald

10. Judgement

Myra Mossman - Tarot Reader - Fire Opal

11. Four of Cups

Tara Zamani - Psychic - Cobaltoan Calcite

12. Two of Cups

13. Six of Coins

14. Knight of Swords

15. The Chariot

16. The Lovers

17. The Devil

18. Four of Swords

19. Three of Coins

20. Six of Staffs

21. Justice